Cost LG Watch Urbane LTE may shock

Cost LG Watch Urbane LTE may shock

Cost LG Watch Urbane LTE may shock

Surely you know about the existence of LG Watch Urbane, a modernized version of G Watch R, but there is another model Urbane, which has a built-in LTE-modem. Thanks to him, the watch can make VoLTE-calls, send messages and transfer data at fast speeds.

LG has finally told me how much it cost LG Watch Urbane LTE, and the high cost of many could plunge into shock. For example, in South Korea, the clock will cost each customer in 650,000 won (national currency), or $ 590. The device costs more than most budget collection Apple Watch and almost twice the price tag LG G Watch R.

Note that the LG Watch Urbane LTE – not the first independent clock. Previously, Samsung unveiled its Gear S – device having an SIM-card. Watch Urbane LTE will be able to work not only with phones LG. Hours will be compatible with Android-smartphone.

Currently there are no references to the time of the device in standby mode, but LG’s confident that the battery will last for a day, even when using the voice. Special battery saving mode is activated when the clock is already beginning to reduce the pace of work.

LG has created a new charger jack, which keeps the clock face at an angle of 90 degrees. Snapdragon processor provides 1 GB of RAM. A built-in support for NFC allows you to make the owners of LG Watch Urbane LTE mobile payments.

Source: DigitalTrends

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