Volvo introduced new 100 self-machines in 2017

Volvo introduced new 100 self-machines in 2017

Volvo introduced new 100 self-machines in 2017

Volvo closer to ensure that by 2017 road turned 100 self-vehicles of the brand. Recall that the Swedish program for the development and testing of a self-managed machines called «Drive Me». The main objective of the project technician Eric Koeling Volvo calls the creation of such a vehicle, which can independently “get out” of any situation on the road. In addition to Volvo in this project involves the Ministry of Transport of Sweden, the Swedish Transport Agency, the company Lindholmen Science Park and the municipality of Gothenburg.

Let’s look at the principle of operation of these machines in more detail and try to figure out how to move safely on the route if the driver at this time reading a newspaper or view the latest news on Facebook.

It is worth to mention that the cars will be available only to residents of Gothenburg, where the machines will be made. The work is based on the self-car the whole complex sensors to ensure the autonomy of cars on the highways of the city. In this case, the drivers will have to control his vehicle on and off these roads, as well as in case of inclement weather.

Volvo – only 100 cars in 2017? Not enough

Cars are based on a number of systems, many of which are available today. In the car, you can find advanced computers and a lot of seemingly unnecessary details. So even in the case of system failure will continue to drive the car. Volvo representatives say that drew inspiration from the aviation sector.

Volvo introduced new 100 self-machines in 2017

Multiple sensors, including radar, sonar, laser scanners and optical cameras will monitor everything that is happening around the car with a 360 degrees. This information helps the machine to detect obstacles and recognize road markings and speed limit signs. Built-in 3D-maps and GPS-recognition, as well as wireless system interaction with car traffic infrastructure allow the car to get the most current information about traffic.

In case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the driver can disable autonomous functionality of his car and start to drive yourself. If the driver can not just take control of the vehicle control, the machine will stop in a safe place on the side of the road.

Source: Cnet

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