UV-CAPSULE - PORTABLE UV water sterilizer

UV-CAPSULE – PORTABLE UV water sterilizer

UV-CAPSULE - PORTABLE UV water sterilizer

US trademark DujuD markup on Kickstarter project is a compact and portable UV sterilizer water under the trade name UV-Capsule. According to available information, among other things, a key feature of UV-Capsule is its battery life, the device does not require any third-party sources of electricity for charging the sterilizer.

UV-Capsule device consists of two main elements – UV sterilizer and the outer protective capsule. Which houses the battery, the basic controls, USB-port, solar panels and kinetic power generator that allows to charge the sterilizer when there is not enough sunlight.

UV-CAPSULE - PORTABLE UV water sterilizer

Dimensions UV sterilizer allows places it in any container neck diameter not less than 30 mm. The entire cleaning process takes about two minutes, which begins only after contact with water sterilizer. On completion of the UV treatment will signal LED-indicator on the outer protective casing.

To start the project in the UV-Capsule production, developers need to raise at least $ 75,000, has already collected more than 20,000.

UV-CAPSULE - PORTABLE UV water sterilizer

The minimum cost of processing the pre-order is $ 60, free shipping. Sending orders scheduled for July 2015.

Source: KickStarter

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