Toshiba laptops will start button Cortana

Toshiba laptops will start button Cortana

An interesting initiative showed Toshiba. It seems that the company wants to contribute to the popularization of the vocal assistants. In particular – Cortana from Microsoft. Let’s look at a new laptop closer.

Features Cortana

This digital assistant, as many already know, become an integral part of the operating system Windows 10. To simplify the challenge of the program, the Japanese developers have built into the new laptops appropriate button.

The above-mentioned software allows you to run just one touch.

Toshiba laptops will start button Cortana

The key is reported to be located in the upper left of the laptops Toshiba. For more quick and easy access.

“Chip” is interesting and able to push users increasingly turn to for help Cortana. It is possible that other manufacturers also will implement such decisions.

Conclusion Cortana

According to the source, the button will be similar branded “mouse» Microsoft. However, when this happens – is unknown. Information about unofficial Cortana. Although the idea is, you see, is beautiful. We will look forward to the release of a new device. The release of Windows 10 will be held in a few weeks. Namely – July 29th.

Source: ubergizmo

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