Top 8 interesting devices and applications for those who difficult wake up one morning

Top 8 interesting devices and applications for those who difficult wake up one morning

Waking up early in the morning like not all. “Owls” sometimes wake up only by noon, but, unfortunately, most of them have to get up for work early in the morning. The review Novate – 8 interesting devices and applications for smartphones, designed for people for whom the morning climb a real meal.

Coffee with integrated Wi-Fi

Sometimes the smell of freshly brewed coffee – the only thing that will make getting out of bed. Now you can make yourself a cup of flavored drink, not even lifting his head from the pillow. Will the coffee machine with built-in Wi-Fi, which can be controlled from your smartphone.

Alarm Clock, forced to do exercise

If you install this interesting devices application on a smartphone, the blissful slumber in the morning come to an end. This alarm clock turns off as long as one does not get out of bed and double turn around its own axis, thus tilting the smartphone at a certain angle.

Alarm Clock, simulating dawn

Interesting devices from Philips has managed to create an unusual alarm clock that provides a gradual awakening by simulating sunrise. Wake-up Light Wake-up Light will fill the room with light, which fades from red to the yellow tint.

Alarm clock that determines the best time to wake up

Smart Service itself can determine the best time to wake up a person. It’s very easy – you need to put the interesting devices on the edge of the bed. Next Service with the help of motion sensors (which must be present in a smartphone) defines the phases of sleep and wakes a person at the right time.

Smart organizer

8 devices and applications for those who difficult wake up one morning

Poncho – personal organizer-assistant who will not spend a lot of time in the morning to various fines. He will tell you what to wear (check the weather for the day) and how best to get to work (by checking for the presence of street congestion and public transport for flight delays).

Funny scheduler HabitClock

Appendix HabitClock – Service organizer that turns routine class gameplay and allows you to develop good habits. Initially, the application needs to bring their morning procedures and habits, and then the interesting devices alarm clock will call to remind that you need to do.

Cribs Morning Sunrise Calendar

Instead of the morning to remember what you need to get done today, you can simply look at the screen of your smartphone. Sunrise Calendar, which is able to connect Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, as well as social networks, gather all the information and suggest anything – from the weather to the person who is celebrating his birthday.

The loudest alarm clock

Few people can fall asleep to the sound of a jackhammer. This interesting devices alarm clock sounds louder – it makes a sound volume 113 decibels (jackhammer produces only 100 decibels). And if that someone will seem a little, the Sonic Bomb Alarm provides a vibration interesting devices – you can shove Service under the mattress. Wake up even the most inveterate sluggard.

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