Tone Active - Waterproof Headset from LG

Tone Active – Waterproof Headset from LG

LG decided to make a gift to athletes and fitness enthusiast. The South Korean company has presented an excellent Bluetooth headset in the form of necklaces. Called novelty of Waterproof Headset Tone Active.

The main feature of the product – Protection against moisture and perspiration standard IPX3. A real boon for active workouts.

Accessory weighs 50 grams, is worn around the neck and is equipped with Waterproof Headset immersion.

Feature of Waterproof Headset

Tone Active - Waterproof Headset from LG

To synchronize with your smartphone uses Bluetooth 4.1. If you believe the LG, to complain about the poor audibility is not necessary. The gadget ensures high-quality sound.

Control playback of tracks there are buttons on the body. As for battery life, the creators promise to 13 hours without recharging (during a call).

You can listen to music for 9.5 hours.

Available colors – four: green, pink, blue and orange. Sales start in the coming days. The price of Waterproof Headset is 130 US dollars.

Source: androidauthority

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