Notebook turned into an analog fotosmesitel for iPhone

The Spanish company Honest & Smile turned the simple paper notebook to an analog mixer image for smartphone iPhone. The latter becomes the camera to simultaneously capture images front and rear relative to the photographer. To create an accessory called Abracadabraapp used notebook Moleskine.

How to tell the designers, the effect is only achieved by mirrors. In Notepad, there are special slots for iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5 (with case), as well as mirrors. Using a specially arranged these two slots, you can take pictures that combine a front and rear.

The right half of the frame (or video) in this case will display that is disposed in front iPhone, and the left – that the rear of it. In other words, shoot video or take photos at the same time can be front and back. Together with a notebook comes with several color filters that can be used to impose a particular hue to the picture.

Interestingly, the notebook does not lose its primary purpose – you can still make records.

Order Abracadabraapp possible in Spain, the U.S. and Europe for $ 30 .

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