Tesla willingly hires former Apple employees

Tesla willingly hires former Apple employees

Tesla willingly hires former Apple employees

Between some companies there is a lot more communication than it might seem at first glance. Thus, the news agency Bloomberg published information that the car manufacturer Tesla hires former Apple employees are more likely than specialists who left the company competitive in the automotive field. As reported, Tesla has hired at least 150 former employees of Apple, including engineers and lawyers.

Bloomberg studied profiles on LinkedIn certain former employees of Apple. It turned out that Rich Heley came to Tesla in 2013 as Director of Technology. Now he is in the position of vice president of product improvement. Lynn Miller, who left the company in 2013, Tesla was in the role of Assistant General Counsel. Nick Kalidzhan occupies the position of Director Tesla power electronics since 2006.

These employees attracted the role of Tesla in the automotive industry, which is comparable with the achievements of Apple in the computer field. After all, it is safe to say that the apple company pioneered computer technology.

Hiring highly qualified staff due to some reasons. In an era when the software controlling modern machines, each day is much improved, it becomes extremely important to find qualified specialists versed in technical matters much better than others.

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