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For many users, racing games and shooters – one of the favorite pastimes. There are fans of strategies where you need to build a tactic to think through each decision. Combining elements of shooter and strategy, we have a game where you have to come up with the tactics of battle, before this well prepared (picking up part of Battle Group and selecting the necessary weapons for them) and shoot straight! In games of this kind of love the fact that you can hide in the shelter, and consider further action only after a light break again join the fray. But often for their wrong decisions you have to pay. And only someone who is a good strategist, able to save the lives of their game characters by defeating enemy forces.

Today we want to tell you about a game, set up by 70%, but of interest to many gamers. Squad Steam – it is a war game from Bretwalda Games, in which the player needs to step entrusted to manage the soldiers and military equipment on the battlefield. The action takes place in an alternate universe during the “Great War.” There are specific tasks to be performed, are constantly coming up with tactical moves.

In Steam Squad player takes part in the conflict in the three superpowers. Each country has its own army, its own strategy of fighting. The goal – to win, even with a significant loss of personnel.


The game consists of six campaigns, each of which contains a fascinating mission with appliances, manageable units, stationary artillery, pillboxes and destructible cover, hand guns, fighting in the port on the background of a very peculiar aircraft carriers, the dam bursts and a lot of other interesting things. For each mission, the player will be asked to form a task force.

In Steam Squad there are three classes of men with different types of weapons including machine guns, grenades, sniper rifles, first aid kits for the wounded, and more. Each man in the group has been in his position, performing its intended function. It is different, has its strengths and weaknesses and, of course, ready to rush into battle! Before the battle you need to consider tactics, to study the problem and place of deployment. Your decisions in choosing the soldiers will depend on the success of the missions on the battlefield.


As the game progresses you will command his soldiers through the appropriate commands. One-click on the ordinary and the second on the enemy – and that your order has already been done and is shooting the enemy. For the same control scheme, you have to give the other teams, for example, hide, or move to another location in the countryside. Nothing complicated, but we must act wisely, because you can lose its soldiers very quickly.


According to the developers, the end of the military history of the gaming world will be more similar to ours. City destroyed by the war, will be built again, but without any claim to the style. The concept of “technology” is synonymous with death. Those people who survived but lost their jobs will become professional killers. And there is no winning or losing.


Steam Squad will be released on the platforms Mac, Linux and Windows. But its early appearance, the creators need financial assistance. To support developers, anyone can go to Kickstarter and take part in the project. The faster the game pick up the necessary $ 50,000, the sooner Steam Squad comes out.

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