SVR Glass: Virtual Reality for $ 50

SVR Glass: Virtual Reality for $ 50

How many requests for their virtual reality headset Samsung? For the Galaxy Gear VR will have to pay $ 199. This amount is hardly small or insignificant. Let’s look at the new Virtual reality closer.

This, obviously, has decided to play a Chinese company SnailVR. She has created an analogue of the aforementioned device. The device is called the SVR Glass, it looks better than the eminent competitor and costs 50 USD. Let’s look at the main features of the device.

Features of SVR Glass

Moreover, the novelty is limited to less – it fit any phones with screens from 4.7 to 6 inches.

To activate sufficient to establish corporate application on a mobile device. Supported gadgets running iOS and Android.

SVR Glass: Virtual Reality for $ 50

Viewing angles SVR Glass is 96 degrees.

However, the need to consider the screen resolution. It is understood that the device display 720p (or less) do not guarantee a good impression. Flagship Full HD with a better choice.

An important point: the engineers from China did not skimp on the short-sighted. There focusing system that allows the lens to adjust accordingly.

The main disadvantage – not an ideal build. In life, if you believe the media CNET. The device is less happy than on promotional pictures. Too plastic, like a toy.

SVR Glass: Virtual Reality for $ 50

However, the design does not affect the functionality.

Conclusion of SVR Glass

New SVR Glass Virtual Reality realized very productive the device for a small price.

Source: CNET

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