Yeair! - Gasoline-electric quadrocopter

Yeair! – Gasoline-electric quadrocopter

A key disadvantage of civilian UAV – short battery life. Lithium-polymer batteries do not give “clear up”. However, the creators of the drones are trying to solve a problem. Let’s look at the new quadrocopter closer.

LiPo alternatives exist. Not so long ago we wrote about the hydrogen UAV. Now it comes in a gasoline hybrid. It is called quite entertaining – Yeair! Let’s look at the main features of the device.

Features of Yeair

Yeair! - Gasoline-electric quadrocopter

In the air, the machine is able to spend about an hour. Besides, the novelty accelerates to 100 km / h and lift loads up to 5 kg.

Conventional models can not do this. Thereby achieving the above? Each rotor functions using two motors.

The first engine – the electric motor is 1.6 kW. The second is a two-stroke internal combustion installation 10cc.

Yeair! It equipped with a battery capacity of 1250 mAh and 1.5-liter gasoline tank. No fuel of the future, of course. But the machine agile, not afraid of wind gusts and easily flies tens of kilometers with a heavy camera on board.

Yeair! - Gasoline-electric quadrocopter

The authors of the prototype are now raising funds for mass production. Deliveries will begin in May 2016.

Conclusion of Yeair

The new gasoline-electric quadrocopter Yeair able to show a new generation of devices. Price pre-order on Kickstarter – from 1,399 euros.

Source: Gizmag

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