Color changing smart helmet warn of head injuries

Color changing smart helmet warn of head injuries

It is reported that researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have created a special material. It is a polymer that changes color. However, this occurs only after the impact.

Feature of new smart helmet

Colouring depends on the force of impact. That opens up many interesting perspectives. Quite possible to start production of smart helmet reporting concussion and other injuries.

Was Hue the other equipment? So, really dangerous strain. It’s time to see a doctor.

A real godsend for emergency doctors, as well as the medical field. Immediately difficult to determine how seriously injured people (athletes, soldiers or rescuer).

The coating makes the diagnosis easier, allowing rapid take action.

How to say works? The invention – photonic crystals obtained by holographic lithography. They are light and do not require a power source.

Another plus – no problems with mass production. The authors of the project of smart helmet already have a suitable technology.

Source: engadget

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