What will be the next Pebbles

What will be the next Pebbles

What will be the next Pebbles

Wearable electronics in general, and “smart” watches in particular continue to interest people are looking for new devices Pebbles include at least a modicum of desirable innovation. That’s it for sale must be received ZenWatch by Asus, which will show us the first attempts customization Android Wear manufacturer, and early next year, and “apple competitor” gets to the shelves. But notwithstanding the abundance of offerings on the market from different manufacturers are not in a hurry to leave the scene and pioneers – the company Pebble shared, what will be the next generation of smart watches Pebbles.

What will be the next Pebbles

Many rightly point out that ‘smart’ watches must be not only another gadget, but also a stylish accessory. In the same Apple recognize this, touting their device including on the covers of fashion magazines. But Pebble is not going to go this route, for the company to continue to access and “content” of their devices will stand over his form. In an interview with The Telegraph CEO of Eric Migikovski expressed as follows:

“We decided Pebbles to create something that is related to your real life. It works with the phone, which is always with you – no matter, iPhone is or Android – it has long battery, waterproof, durability and affordability. These are the key things that we really care. “

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Pebbles is not going to radically change its direction, she still listens to what people want. Pebbles Steel, for example, are thinner than the first model of the assembly and overall look presentable.

What will be the next Pebbles

As for the next generation of Pebbles – watches, as reported by Techradar, they should appear in the first quarter of next year, and, as assured in the company, “they will all Pobol.”

“Just maybe more … more beautiful, more subtle … just say” more “and add the adjective”.

And while the company does not want to tell us more popular western tehnobloger and concurrently “evangelist” Pebbles Miriam Dzhoir claims that the new model will be more customizable, beyond the choice of body materials and the strap. Answering the question of whether the new watches include modular components, Miriam said: “Can … But they can not.” In addition, she suggested that the company may soon move its platform to other devices, noting that Pebbles – a “wearable electronics company, no watchmaker.”

And what you would like from us Pebbles?

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