Skype is working on the introduction of 3D-video calls, but there is limited technical

While talking to journalists BBC general manager of Skype Mark Gillett (Mark Gillett) mentioned that now the company is actively working on the implementation of 3D-video calls. Although one should not expect quick results. According to Gillette, it could be years before the technology will reach consumers.

However, the validity of the decision of the team Skype is. “We have already completed the stage of the research capabilities of screens and 3D-3D-image capture, have made ​​impressive progress in this direction, but the device to record 3D-video is not yet ready,” – said the head of Skype.

In the laboratories of the company makes 3D-calls, she knows how to make technology work for the consumer, but is necessary to form an ecosystem of products with the support of appropriate technology, as such yet.

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