Updated Skype for Android can save video messages

Updated Skype for Android can save video messages

Microsoft released an updated version of Skype for Android with a new feature that allows users to save video messages in the phone gallery.

Skype for Android received some interesting features that can be divided into two groups. One set of functions allows the user to find and save special moments and the most important messages in Skype. The second set of functions focused on the fact that users can share media files in a group chat and private messages.

Version 6.11 of the Skype for Android will provide a more convenient control conversations. The app has received a completely new toolbar. This panel allows you to delete, mark read, and turn off notifications from a specific contact or chat.

The advanced search function allows you to search for information in all available chats, not just in one chat window to the user. A similar feature has been built into the app WhatsApp. It should be noted that it is very convenient, since you can find any information, not even remember with whom you communicate.

In addition, Skype for Android was able to save video messages. All you have to do is click on the video and save it to the gallery phone.

The second set of functions designed for more comfortable sharing photos or video in group chats. Did you find something interesting when you read news on the Internet? Now you can share this piece of information in the group chat Skype. In order to share information in private messages or group chat, you just click on the File icon.

Skype for Android has a very pleasant Mojis, which are short clips from TV shows and movies. If you do not like Mojis, you can click once on it to make it stop, and vice versa, press again to restart it.

The last major update of Skype for Android, which is version 6.0, was released in September and provided an improved Material Design.

If you have not upgraded to the latest version 6.11 Skype for Android, click the link below.

Download Skype for Android.

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