"Smart" new portable Geiger - Radium

“Smart” new portable Geiger – Radium

"Smart" new portable Geiger - Radium

“Smart” Pocket Geiger Radium developed by a group Sergey Vladimirov (Amsterdam) and submitted to Crowdfunding Kickstarter. The product is designed to track various levels of radiation in real time and can be used both at home and during the tourist trips and special expeditions.

Pocket Geiger Radium Smartphone

The device was created during the last year and includes the functionality of all existing developments and innovative solutions in this area. Its main advantages are:

  • Maximum ease of use.
  • High-quality measurements.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • A wide range of its functions.

In addition to its functional team, Vladimirov offers free apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone wireless record readings on the smartphone. This will involve features such as geo, data export and notification via SMS or e-mail. In addition, developers can create their own applications or integrate them via Bluetooth with other existing software.

"Smart" new portable Geiger - Radium

Participants suggested the startup of its four main differences Geiger counter from similar devices, which should stimulate its popularity. In particular, Radium:

  1. Has the cost of cheaper counterparts. Price reduction has been achieved with the help of schematic optimization and selection of the best suppliers for the purchase of compact and efficient components,
  2. Has fewer dimensions analogs. The device can be used as is or be a module drones, robots and other third-party hardware.
  3. It has Bluetooth, a modular design and is an autonomous unit integrable, which is important for software developers.
  4. Generates measurement with high accuracy. The device has enhanced sensitivity of the tube, which can detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The product comes with two such sensors to filter different types of radiation.

The main applications of portable Geiger counter for operational radiation measurements:

  • In the food at home or in a store.
  • In the building materials for repair and construction.
  • In clothes and other things like

Technical parameters of Radium:

  • The Cortex 32 bit.
  • Lithium-polymer battery 750 mAh.
  • The display diagonal of 1.3 inches.

"Smart" new portable Geiger - Radium

In the maximum configuration, Radium Pro Pack the cost of the device is 364 euros. In this set includes, in addition to a portable Geiger counter, Radium Box, MicroUSB / UART cables, Bluetooth Dongle and a pair of sensors for measuring different types of radiation.

Subject to set the right amount of funds for Crowdfunding model will go on sale in the summer of 2015. It is also possible to purchase a separate module without display and buttons, which greatly reduces its cost. Dispatch will be implemented in all countries of the world.

Source: Kickstarter

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