Sensly - Portable air pollution detector

Sensly – Portable air pollution detector

It is not necessary to buy expensive scientific instruments to monitor the quality of the environment. It is quite a compact air pollution detector Sensly for $ 49.

Feature of the new air pollution detector

The unit came up with the company Altitude Tech. The product helps to quickly fix the level of air pollution detector. The owner is always aware in what conditions is.

All data collected in real-time are sent to your smartphone.

Sensly - Portable air pollution detector

What is especially great – outfitted Sensly industrial sensors. Really instantly assess the situation in any location – at home or in the workplace.

The system is able to detect the gas leakage (including Radon) notify to the high content of carbon dioxide, smoke, fine particles, and so on. This information will take measures to avoid the danger.

In the role of the power supply acts as the built-in battery. If necessary, the gadget is recharged by Micro USB.

Now the authors raise funds for mass production prototype. Pre-orders of air pollution detector are accepted on the site Kickstarter. Portable air pollution detector is well positioned to become a very popular product.

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