Google Street View backpack for the first time in the stage show

Street backpack finally came to Taiwan, filming the entire forest and other wild Trail street photography tools can not reach the place.


Google Maps published in last year’s conference, introducing the Google Street Trekker backpack, used to shoot other Google Street View vehicles are not reach attractions. Google is also paid out in January this year, the first transcript Trekker backpack will Trekker backpack captured the Grand Canyon Attractions put Google Maps.

Google Taiwan had been released in June Trekker backpack street, and finally to go to Taiwan to shoot sights. And Google is also taking advantage of employees carrying Trekker backpack to Bitan shoot 360 degrees around beauty, exposing more Trekker backpack operational situation in Taiwan.

Trekker backpack height 120 cm, weight 18 kg with battery, Trekker backpack at the top of the Android system with 15 camera lens drive control will automatically move, to 2.5 seconds shot a 75 million relative to the speed of prime photo shoot , about the general human walking speed, these photos will be made in time after the 360-degree panoramic image composed. Trekker backpack full of power can be taken about eight hours, but Google will only take effect when the weather is good when shooting. The Trekker backpack finished shooting the image and will post after post processing online.


Since Google announced in early June Trekker backpack to Taiwan, has taken place only a dozen walking, or stenosis hard line attractions. In the shooting Bitan Trekker backpack is the first public appearance of the media in Taiwan, has 76 years of history Bitan bridge, is the world’s only remaining tungsten ball bearing suspension bridge, shot through the Trekker backpack, you can bridge beauty preserved on Google Maps, and the Grand Canyon, Mount Kilimanjaro and other attractions along let users worldwide enjoy.

Taiwan is Asia after Japan, the second shot for Trekker backpack countries, Taiwan’s main shooting Hill, bridge and other streetscape transport inaccessible narrow spots. But Trekker backpack taken the time yet to Taiwan’s attractions scheduled on-line, are currently still in post-production phase. Also Google will also launch in Taiwan Trekker backpack lending services, any research institutions, schools or public interest organizations, specific locations if you are interested shoot 360-degree environment, you can apply to use Trekker backpack to Google, Google will send personnel training for agency personnel after by the officers to shoot.

In addition to street backpack into the Foreign, Google’s Quick Search attractions on the line speed is growing, in just half a year increased by 1.5 times, has exceeded 250. The Green Island and Orchid Island, the island has also been formally launched Street View, and Google will add more in the summer captured by Google Street trolley Taiwan Museum, and historic buildings such as public transportation 360-degree interior tour.

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