Script of the new film about Steve Jobs is ready

Viewers who are frustrated misunderstanding entitled Jobs. Empire temptation is sure to be pleasant this news. It is reported that Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin completed work on the script of the new film, which takes the company Sony Pictures, and which will be based on the official biography of the founder of Apple, from the pen of Walter Isaacson.

Back in 2012 Sorkin confirmed that he wrote the script of the film, and since then no news of it has been reported. On the eve, it became known that the script has already been submitted film company, and it may indicate only one thing: filming will begin in the near future.

Possible reason why the script writing faced with such a delay is associated with employment Sorkin. Written by the famous film ” The Social Network “in recent months has been active on the same iconic project – TV series Newsroom, which is also known to Russian audiences.

Before last year Sorkin told that the film will consist of three 30-minute acts, each of which will display the events unfolding in real time. Each episode will show what is happening behind the scenes of three presentations iconic Apple – the first generation Macintosh, NeXT computer and your iPod. Information about the release date pictures on world screens is not reported.

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