How to give first aid to its iPhone

If you do not know the feeling when you accidentally drop the iPhone on the floor, or worse – in the water, you can only envy. Unfortunately, even the most accurate of smartphone users are random. iPhone for such eventualities can cause damage of varying severity, but most repair shops will be able to help you. Now I will talk about how to facilitate the work of the masters, or just save yourself from a hike in the workshop.

Glass breakage

iPhone – a device strong enough, but still a fall glass smartphone may get damaged. Of course, when the glass is broken and more like a spider’s web, or hurt except glass display, the owner of a direct road to service. Replacement parts such cost is not cheap, especially if you have a recent model of iPhone. But there are cases when after the fall of the glass appeared only small cracks, chips or even scratch. In this case, spending money and spare change is meaningless, especially as the glass can be patched.

To restore the former type of glass in the home need toothpaste or baking soda. If the glass iPhone is a small crack or stone chip, isolate holes and cracks in the iPhone, by covering them with something. Apply white toothpaste (not gel) on the damaged surface, filling cracks or missing, then remove any excess paste with a soft cloth rag. If the cost is only a scratch on the glass, but it annoys you, then mix baking soda with water in a ratio of 2/1, bring the mixture to a thick paste and using fabric cloth to rub the paste in a circular motion scratched site. Thus it is possible to polish glass iPhone at home, with no special materials.


iPhone accompanies its owner everywhere. He next mealtime, restroom, many even taking a shower prefer to stay in touch. When so used, it is not difficult to shed smartphone liquid or submerge it in the liquid completely. Moisture – perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your iPhone, and the best thing you can do for him in this case, is to parse, and disconnect the battery circuit as quickly as possible to deliver the service. Of course, not always at hand would be a tool, and without some experience better not to take it in hand. Certainly there are cases where the service and visit is not possible, for example during the Christmas holidays. What can help his faithful companion?

If you spill something on your smartphone some tea or something else, and moisture got into the slot or hole in the speaker, in the first place we have their cleaning. Well suited for this toothbrush and alcohol. Thoroughly clean alcohol holes and connectors, and then dry them hairdryer. If the matter has not been a couple of drops, and the iPhone has come under rain or fell into the ocean, in this case, you can help with capacity plain rice. Turn off the phone and bury it in rice, it is possible even for a week. Healthy and tasty food product will draw moisture to itself. It looks ridiculous, but worse from your iPhone just will not be. But remember, even if after the moisture and stay in a bowl of cereal you think that the device works well, it does not mean that it regularly. Better to hand it to the service, where they can do the professionals.

There is no sound

There is one very common fault among different models iPhone. She never appears without cause, but as a rule, this reason is not clear. If your iPhone no longer play system sounds, and you do not hear the interlocutor during conversation, most likely the result of circuit connector for a headset or the system connector device. Check out this is quite simple: it is necessary to press the button to increase or decrease the volume and read the inscription above the indicator appears. If you see “headphones”, although no headphones do not connect, then it’s time to help your phone yourself.

Illusions on a headset connected, the iPhone can be caused by different reasons. The simplest thing you can do – is to clean the socket using a toothbrush and a cotton swab. It happens that the contents of his pockets going into these holes. If cleaning does not work, it’s time to put to use a hair dryer. Hairdryer to dry not only need a 3.5 mm plug but Lightning, or the 30-pin connector. Most likely the problem go away forever, but just to be sure still recommend show phone specialist.

Black Screen

The latest and most popular fault is not related to the owner negligence iPhone. We use the phone to its fullest. Making photos, spread it on the Internet, then try to remove the pan, and then calls us friend. Alas, powerful dual-core smartphone from Apple very often comes to a screeching halt in such situations. It seems to be up to you, you can call, but the phone screen blacker than black, and does not look like a living machine. Fortunately, this situation can exit without hygiene items and food. Simply hold down the Home button and the Power on the device. Patiently hold until you see the glowing logo Apple. iPhone will reboot again and is ready to use. Carry in service after its not worth it. Device regularly, just going through hard times, and most likely, this situation does not happen again sooner than a year.

Hopefully, a few simple tips will help you and your devices. Remember them, and at the right time save your iPhone, because it helps you constantly.

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