How to save a drowned iPhone 5s/c: hands-on experience

If you have recently become the proud owner of brand new iPhone 5s / s, but it so happens that you do accidentally “drowned” or dropped into water, a practical experiment blogger ntv.livejournal help you revive your device.

It’s no secret that Apple has moved a couple of years ago with a cruciform screws on pentahedron and without special screwdriver to open the iPhone does not. This type is called a screwdriver Pentalobe, specifically for the “iPhone” need Pentalobe 0.8mm. Previously, such a tool has been difficult to find, it is now easier. If you drowned iPhone and suitable screwdriver is not at home, all is not lost – you can try to open the smartphone-shifts (with a scalpel, knife, etc.).

At the lower end iPhone have the two screws that need to be carefully unscrewed. After this comes a very important point that few people pay attention. Screws are very small, so keep them in a visible place. the next step you will need a suction cup to mount. Any suit, even construction. The bottom line is that you need to pull the front frame to the display of a metal casing smartphone. To do this, the suction cup attached myself as close to the button “Home” and slowly pull the screen while holding the body by hand. should be done carefully, because of the camera is connecting the loop and can be cut short. It is best at the top of the plastic to hold your finger to the time when the screen is removed from the loop body does not break. may try to blow disassembled the iPhone, but the water inside will still be a lot. Water should be carefully remove the cloth, but this is not enough. Then there is a second important point – the hairdryer to dry the unit, you should not. Dryer produces a stream of air with a temperature of about 60 degrees – so drying can melt the contacts., you will need a hair dryer ordinary rice. Take the pan and sprinkle with a little more bottom rice. Recommended load smartphone in the rump as deeply as possible. The trick is that rice perfectly absorbs water and reduces humidity. Do not spare the rice, pour a bit wet iPhone thoroughly. The more rice, the more dry the device.

If you have not found a screwdriver, iPhone can be immersed in the rump and unparsed, taken out with a SIM-card slot. The machine dry it for 5-10 hours. If the phone does not understand – it is better to hold it in the rice longer, about a day. drying, gently dig machine, rice and shakes stuck back together! Everything. Five thousand to unscrew the two screws.

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