IPhone camera to diagnose diseases of the eye


American researchers from the Hospital of ear and eye diseases have proven that the camera smartphone iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are good enough to replace the complex ophthalmic equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars. It is reported MedPortal , citing a study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology.

This is not the first attempt of researchers from the hospital to use smartphones to diagnose, but until recently their cameras were not good enough and did not allow, in particular, independent control of focus and exposure. IPhone camera can exercise such control, but not by themselves, but with the help of low-cost, compared with professional equipment, a mobile application Filmic pro, the study said.

The program allows you to change the intensity of the flash – it is necessary to create high-quality images of the retina. Experts also used the 20D lens and lens Keppe that apply in ophthalmology and are available in most of the ‘eye’ offices, and found that it is a smartphone camera can work with them.

The researchers tested the effectiveness of the iPhone as a diagnostic equipment in rabbits anesthetized children and adults, and managed to get enough quality for the diagnosis of retinal images. The new technology even tried to “conditions that are as close to the fighting” – in hospital emergency centers. Due to its mobility and efficiency in the results where she has established itself as well as possible.

This approach can also be used in developing countries or in small hospitals can not afford expensive specialized equipment.

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