The concept of smart Samsung Gear hours with flexible screen

Analyst firm Voucher Codes Pro has hired designers to create the concept of smart Samsung hours on the basis of newly acquired South Korea’s patents that describe this device.

According to preliminary data, the smart Samsung will watch the commercial name Gear. It is worth noting that the rumors about Samsung Gear already accumulated so much that last for several hours clever.

Samsung has been developing for several types of AMOLED displays on a flexible substrate, which were previously known under the code name Samsung Youm. Resource Electronista claims that Samsung Gear Clock will be the first commercial product with a flexible screen type AMOLED. It is remarkable, but leaked to the Web in the early hours, images of smart Samsung pointed to a regular square display with a resolution of 500 x 500 pixels. Perhaps the South Korean manufacturer for this time still managed to bring to mind the development Youm.

It is expected that Samsung will show the smart watch Gear at the same time with the smartphone Galaxy Note 3 on 4 September.

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