Samsung Gear S is working on a competitor to Apple Pay

Samsung Gear S is working on a competitor to Apple Pay

Samsung Gear S is working on a competitor to Apple Pay

Just a couple of weeks ago Samsung announced its new “smart” watch Gear S, which brought to the world of wearable gadgets a bit of independence – have their own clock modules 3G and Wi-Fi. And still interested users only tend to buy a new model, Samsung is already working on their next generation.

According to Business Korea, in the next iteration will Gear S NFC-chip and fingerprint reader, and she Samsung will launch its own mobile payment system.

Apparently, the South Korean company has signed an agreement with PayPal and the market leader in biometric verification Synaptics. Together they are working on the integration of a fast and easy way for the mobile payments via successor Gear S.

The report says that the new payment system will have its own app that will notify users about offers close and lets you choose a product that they want to buy, before get to the store. When they finally prove it, all you have to do – is to put a finger to a biometric scanner and pick up hours of purchase.

Samsung Gear S is working on a competitor to Apple Pay

Of course, the reason for such “innovation” is easy to guess. Apple recently unveiled their vision of smart watches, which should be on sale in early 2015, and together with them and announced its own mobile payment system Apple Pay.

New watches from Samsung, by the way, is also expected early next year, in any case, the Koreans will certainly try not to delay their launch.

Whether born from this worthy competitor for the service from the “apple” of the company or will it be just another device from a long, long portfolio? Frankly, it is very difficult to reject skepticism.

On the other hand, more than 85% percent of smartphone owners are users of ecosystem Android. Increased diagonal new iPhone is unlikely to significantly alter the ratio of forces, especially considering their cost. Meanwhile, many of those 85% also do not mind to pay using their smartphones or hours, but Apple Pay them do not offer that.

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