Samsung flexible blurs the line between a smartphone and a laptop

Samsung flexible blurs the line between a smartphone and a laptop

Samsung flexible blurs the line between a smartphone and a laptop

Employees of Samsung day after day working on a smart phone of the future. The finished device will appear in stores at once. But now the South Korean company patented device that can be folded in half, without causing it any harm.

Such a patent application, as reported by Patently Mobile, Samsung was filed in February 2014. It shall be accompanied technical drawings. However, this does not mean that the device will be ready in any way similar to the painted. It is well known that Samsung pays considerable attention to flexible displays. Now, when the market was saturated traditional smartphones, it’s time for new form factors, says columnist Android Authoruty Bogdan Petrovan. And so Device can be a phone that can be folded in half to form from one half of the screen keyboard.

The patent application contains a lot of technical details that will be of little interest to most readers. These subtleties are understood only by engineers, and they say about how the South Korean experts tehnokompanii make phone not only bend in half, but then recover its original shape.

Samsung flexible blurs the line between a smartphone and a laptop

Much more interesting technical drawings that demonstrate possible applications as a flexible smartphone. It can in a few moments turn into miniature laptop or desktop electronic calendar, as well as an alarm clock on the nightstand.

However, this is just a patent application, and it does not follow that such a device would ever see the light. We have before us one of the ideas that “samsung” engineers are paying attention. Presumably, many of these ideas, but in reality will be realized only the best of the best. But the most information about what the company is working on a similar project, indicating further development of mobile technologies. The fact that the new form factors of smartphones – a matter of time, and the current standard hard rectangle will remain for many years and decades, the only form that can be assumed “umnofon.”

The creation of such a smartphone rests on display. It must withstand multiple bending quietly without losing image quality. Samsung has already shown flexible displays on plastic base, but in order to become practically useful, it should possess excellent wear resistance.

Samsung flexible blurs the line between a smartphone and a laptop

The second difficulty in the way of a flexible phone is so tender that the display must be something to protect. Incredibly durable glass Gorilla Glass in this situation is not suitable. And it’s obvious. However, glass is not yet a perfect set up . But Corning Glass and several other companies are working on a thin, flexible glass. Suffice it to recall Corning Willow Glass. This means that it is absolutely flexible phone is closer to reality than it might seem.

Another thing, and whether users need a smartphone? What is it so significant advantages? Whether or not the development of similar devices of effort and money?

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