iFixit: Apple iPad Mini tablet with Retina display almost not suitable for repair


Experts from iFixit have access to the new tablet Apple iPad Mini with Retina display and the verdict on its maintainability.

Having looked at the individual components of the device, the experts assigned tablet Apple iPad Mini with Retina display maintainability rating 2 out of 10. Note the maximum score of 10 corresponds to the most easily repairable devices. Thus, this model is almost not suitable for repair. In general, the experts noted the following positive features:

  • LCD panel and glass are combined and can not be replaced separately;
  • The battery is not connected to the motherboard or other components.


The disadvantages of assembling the tablet Apple iPad Mini with Retina display iFixit attributed to the following:

  • Tiny screws can be easy to lose;
  • For fixing many of the components (front window, batteries, front camera, rear camera, cables) uses a large amount of glue, making it very hard repair;
  • Lightning connector is soldered to the motherboard;
  • For fixing the internal components used hidden screws.


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