OnePlus One – master of intrigue

Recently, the word “One”, “OnePlus”, “Cyanogenmod” and the name of Pete Lowe (Pete Lau) appear on the virtual pages AndroidInsider punctually. And the main slogan of the novice – # NeverSettle became appeal not only to settle for less, but “stone in the garden,” the leader manufacturer of mobile electronics, which said Lowe (creator smartphone dreams ) discredits thematic posters. Meanwhile on OnePlus say more, and new facts and rumors and all forced to reconsider their attitude to such an aggressive policy novice producer.

Inflated expectations

How to create the perfect smartphone? Method Mr. Lowe and his colleagues was to ask the potential buyers, but there is a nuance here …

How to choose the most beautiful of Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna? Some people prefer blondes, others stare solely on the dark-haired dark-skinned ladies. You can take a vote, and give the victory participant with the most votes, but those who were not for her, still remain unconvinced. Following the same logic, a small group of people came to nothing come to discuss issues and IPS screens Amoled, embedded and removable batteries, the best material for the housing. On the other hand there is a slogan, waving like a proud banner before OnePlus: # NeverSettle. So as to please everyone and not to compromise? Especially if you’re already advertising campaign insulted main opponents in the market?


On the official page on Google+ dropwise funneling device specifications. News “out of the blur” every few days, and every time the date appears on the photo presentation of the new fact.

That is, at this moment we should be sure that OnePlus get 4×2, 3 GHz Snapdragon processor 800 supporting 4G, and an impressive battery capacity of 3100 mAh with a “secret technique” (built-in). Perhaps in the near future the world will know the exact information about the diagonal of the screen and the camera device. While recent statements “employees” of the 5-inch display and 3 GB of RAM are rumors in the discharge, as neither on the website or in the official accounts of the project on social networks is not checked. Recall, according to these data OnePlus will be available in versions with 16 and 64 GB of on board that is not too logical.

Well, it just fits perfectly into the tag unwillingness to agree to concessions. We continue to closely monitor the One.

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