Podcasts in iTunes developing rapidly


When there were only podcasts in iTunes, few could believe that they will receive public recognition. The main feature of this content was in the formation of its users, not by Apple. But the years went by, people’s interests are constantly changing, and over time it became clear that in addition to track your favorite artists, they are willing to listen to her headphones conversations of other users on exciting themes.

From that moment began a real “boom” of podcasting, which continues to this day . One of the most striking examples of their distribution is our weekly podcast AppleInsider.ru . Many readers are not always able to make time to read the articles, so the ideal solution for them is to listen to a podcast on the way to school or work.

On Monday, Apple announced a major achievement in this field. According to the company, the number of subscriptions to podcasts on iTunes recently reached one billion. Even allowing for the fact that some users are subscribed to dozens of podcasts, it is still an incredible figure.

In honor of this important event technology giant has launched a special section in your application “Podcasts” for iOS and the corresponding tab in iTunes for OS X and Windows. Apple has selected the best podcasts in the last few years, and also put new and the most popular channels available today.

Apple has launched its section of the podcast in 2005 as an alternative to boring issues radio show. The main task of the developers was to create a corporate platform for easy placement and share podcasts. Surprisingly, the eponymous app for iPhone has been presented only in the summer of last year – seven years after the birth of the service.

In Cupertino can not seriously monetize podcasts – most issues are available for listening and downloading for free. However, without this element is now impossible to imagine an online store iTunes Store. We hope that with our help and your podcasts will soon reach new heights.

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