Rolly Keyboard - wireless foldable keyboard from LG

Rolly Keyboard – wireless foldable keyboard from LG

The portable keyboards for tablets are no shortage. However, most of these devices is hardly original. Therefore, LG engineers have come up with innovative solutions.

Feature of the wireless foldable keyboard

The wireless foldable keyboard gadget called Rolly Keyboard. The main feature – a novelty easily folded. Just transformed into a compact thin bar.

Thus, the invention does not occupy much space. In any folder or purse fit. In addition, the device works up to 3 months without recharging.

Rolly Keyboard - wireless foldable keyboard from LG

The power supply uses AAA batteries. The wireless foldable keyboard is compatible with any “tablets” running Android and iOS. Fits models with screen size up to 10 inches.

Synchronization is performed by Bluetooth 3.0. What’s interesting – you can connect 2 devices at the same time (switching from one to the other as needed).

The design is quite tough. The product is made of high impact ABS plastic and polycarbonate. The buttons have a width of 17 mm. The creators promise a crisp tactile feedback.

The wireless foldable keyboard of LG Rolly Keyboard has an interesting feature in the compact and wearable devices. The complete presentation will be held in the framework of IFA 2015 (a few days). The price is not reported.

Source: lgnewsroom

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