Microsoft Research is developing cover with integrated screen

Microsoft Research is developing cover with integrated screen

Microsoft Research has an excellent reputation, which combines innovative and clever ideas. One of the projects Microsoft Research is “DisplayCover”, ie cover with display.

The company produces excellent accessory for tablets, which not only protects the screen, but also have extra functionality. We are talking about Type Cover for Surface devices.

DisplayCover is a similar project. New accessory has an integrated second screen. However, the second screen cannot be used as the main, it is only extension.

It should be noted that the new accessory Microsoft Research is very similar to the smartphone from Russian developer Yotaphone. Smartphone has the same E-Ink display. It can be used for simple applications or reading texts.

However, the accessory has one significant difference. Microsoft believes that display on the rear panel can bring some usability problems, so company has equipped screen inside the flip-cover. This dual-screen solution should be helpful in many scenarios: for example, user can write a letter, and open calendar on the second screen. In addition, you can also watch Cortana information, show tickets or other dates, use second screen as touch keyboard. The size of second screen corresponds to diagonal of the main screen smartphone.

At the moment this case is on the concept stage. Microsoft Research experts are negotiating with developers of smartphones Lumia, trying to assess its prospects and possibility of producing a real product. However, we think that project can be very successful, so we’ll keep you updated with the latest news.

Recall, it is not the first time we see a case with E-ink display. In the middle of last year we saw four accessories for Surface tablets that have an additional elongate and interactive display strip above the keyboard.

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