Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

By a remarkable debut soundbar Philips HTL5120 – we had only one complaint: too high a body could block the lower part of the TV screen. In his new brother – Philips HTL5140 – no such problem. He is a third lower than its predecessor (5 cm high), and it is one of the most harmonious soundbar that we have seen. And in addition it is equipped with a subwoofer!

Compact rectangular package suggests that this team model. That’s right, the soundbar has three elements: two side modules with black metal bars – each equipped with four oval speakers and two-inch dome tweeter Mylar – and the central unit with touch controls, and a clear text display with three gradations of brightness.

Combining elements together until it clicks, you will get a thin and durable body length of 105 cm – slightly wider than the 42-inch TV. To ensure the best sound quality, the soundbar must lie completely on a rack.

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

The kit includes a wireless subwoofer with a built-in side face 20-centimeter speaker and amplifier 320 watts. Rather modest dimensions allow it to fit into any interior.

We like HTL5140 strict thoughtful design and a wide range of connections, significantly beyond the standard price category: HDMI, Optical, USB and 3.5mm inputs, as well as Bluetooth aptX supporting NFC.

Output HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel-enabled) allows you to directly transmit the signal from external devices (Blu-ray-player, set-top boxes, and so on. N.) On the TV with a single HDMI-cable.

The remote control is similar to the model supplied with the TV Philips: the same rubberized buttons and rounded rear panel. He is more convenient to most other consoles, but sometimes worth a closer look to click on the right side of the regulator rocking.

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

With the remote control mode can be switched as virtual surround sound, as well as others, including the night, with a smoother dynamics; There is also a button to synchronize the sound and picture when they are slightly parted.

Design and construction Philips HTL5140 very good, and the sound quality – just perfect. Balanced, expressive dynamics, excellent integration – this soundbar dramatically raises the bar in the budget category. During testing, we compared it with all available new models, and Philips easily coped with competitors.

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

Your $ 330 should provide a marked improvement in sound compared to TV speakers, otherwise there is no point buying a soundbar. Switching between AC and Philips HTL5140 reference 48-inch Samsung TV while watching the movie “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, we found that Philips is significantly higher scale and pace of growth dynamics. Attention to detail is more informative, echoing footsteps Decepticons Manhattan serves more intense and threatening compared to the same point just on TV.

Soundbar perfectly reproduces voices Optimus Prime dialogues sound weighty and accurately, the difference between the characters in helmets and without clearly audible.

After testing seven sound modes, we chose the most smooth and refined sound options «Auto» and «Balanced».

Good not only the average range; HF and LF are not inferior to his quality. In the episode, when the shards of broken glass falling down from a skyscraper in slow motion, each individual ringing – clean and crisp. Powerful subwoofer underscores the density of metallic clang when transforming Autobots; rocket launch is accompanied by a compelling roar. Subwoofer deserves the hot compliments.

Shots rattle sharply and clearly, they just scattered throughout the sound field; at the time of the passage of the Decepticons across the screen from one corner to the sound moves diagonally.

Mode «Surround» further extends the acoustic field, indicating the particular extent of the helicopter propellers, but the dialogue with the slightly drowned in the mix.

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

Philips HTL5140 accurately recreates the soft metallic clang and clicks published by the moving parts of the robots in the scenes, rich conversations.

Music also sounds excellent. Concert Stone Roses: Made of Stone on the Blu-ray-drive admire detail and vigor; Philips accurately conveys the rhythm and pace of the bass line. Electric guitar riffs juicy, voice – dense and legibly.

Review soundbar Philips HTL5140: works wonders

Start a new line of Philips soundbar in the face Philips HTL5140 went extremely successful. Taking the recipe for success HTL5120, the company has managed to fit a new model in a compact housing, suitable for almost any situation. If she does not deserve the highest rating, to whom all her award?

Price: $ 330

Rating: 5

PROS: Perfect balance; accurate and open sound field; integration; stylish design; many connections

CONS: Nothing comes to mind

VERDICT: All that is required from the budget soundbar: meticulousness, balance and comfort

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