Google may invest in new Jawbone

Google may invest in new Jawbone

Google may invest in new Jawbone

Many large companies are trying to develop new markets. Not long ago, the web was discussed the possibility of buying the company by Google GoPro. However, until such a purchase looks unlikely. But more likely is another event – the investment by Google in Jawbone.

Earlier there were reports that the Jawbone, possibly financial problems.

One indicator of the problems is to delay the release of a new fitness tracker UP3. It seems that Google is aware of all these problems and is going to help Jawbone means – by itself, not as a charitable contribution.

The exact amount of investment is still unknown, as unknown and the fact that Google is going to provide financial support for device. However, now the possibility of providing funding discussed seriously, and Jawbone, if finances will be provided, will be able to start working with the new energy.

Source: Jawbone – Google

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