Atlas Wristband recognizes the look of your activity

Atlas Wristband recognizes the look of your activity

Atlas Wristband recognizes the look of your activity

Now there is no shortage of fitness trackers, but Atlas Wristband, created Atlas Wearables, stands out among them for several reasons, the first of which is a very unusual design of the device. Display with a rectangular dial acts abroad silicone strap. Also notable are the opportunities offered by Atlas Wristband.

Bracelet allows you to track the dynamic exercises such as bench presses and squats, as well as the total number of repetitions of each exercise.

Atlas Wristband monitors movement in 3D and automatically compares them with the right exercises listed in its database. Over time, the device is getting better and better beginning to recognize what kind of exercise you decide to perform. Atlas Wristband calculates the number of calories burned by you.

On the bracelet, you can choose one of the three possible modes: “Free Style”, “coach” or “clock”. The first mode allows you to perform a variety of exercises for which data is then entered into the application compatible with Android and iOS-devices via Bluetooth.

Mode “Coach” will create a workout in the application on your smartphone. In this mode, a timer, and a notification in the form of vibrations that prompt when to start or end your workout. The latter mode will orient you to time, as well as track the number of steps you passed.

Atlas Wristband is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Device charges via micro-USB and has a display with a resolution of 124 x 64 pixels. The bracelet has a touch screen, accelerometer, 3-axis gyro sensor and an optical pulse.

Source: SlashGear

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