Google is developing “smart” contact lens that is capable of measuring the level of glucose

“Smart” devices are gradually becoming more and more. Beyond Smartphones intelligent functions are implemented in televisions, watches, bracelets, glasses and even door locks. At Google went a step further and work to develop a “smart” contact lens capable of measuring the level of glucose in tears.

In contact lens integrated miniature detector glucose and wireless chip. They are placed between two layers of lens material. The resulting data can be sent to a smartphone with the installed application for further use by the patient or doctor. Developers will also speak about the possibility of integration of a small LED. It can emit light when the glucose level exceeds a certain value. Developers have already held a number of clinical studies that help to improve the prototype lens. However it is noted that the device still needs some work before it becomes ready for mass use.

This “smart” lens can be claimed by people suffering from diabetes. They constantly need to track glucose levels. As a rule, they are now forced to make the analysis of a drop of blood. Prototype lens allows continuous glucose monitor, data can be read per second.

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