Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Dell Precision M2800 review – a strategic partner

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Mobile Workstations is very necessary, but because of their high cost can afford not everyone. However, Dell Precision M2800 reviews – this is the option, when to get a great operating condition is realistic, without spending a large sum. True and the model that we consider in the review, not the flagship, and the budget. What you can expect from this workstation, whether working with her as comfortable as possible, try to understand.

Design – Dell Precision M2800 review

Appearance Dell Precision M2800 review is typical for the workstation. Corpus-nonsense, durable, and hinges that hold the display, very tight. The notebook uses black and silver colors. In addition to the cover, light is part of the lateral faces, gradually turning into edging and conditionally divided bottom of the laptop and work surface.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Your logo Dell traditionally located in the center, but no other elements of decor did not use that, however, and not a necessity. The only thing is there is a plastic insert, it is made in order to better the signal passes Wi-Fi. The cover is hard, it is very difficult to deform.

The dimensions of the notebook Dell Precision M2800 review are generally normal (379×250 mm), only the thickness of the body 33 mm can hardly be because the device is now trying to produce more subtle. Moreover, the weight of 2.9 kg is quite noticeable, especially if you have to take a trip to the workstation. This severity is explained quite simply: a reinforced laptop battery capacity of 97 Wh. As for the upgrade, then it is easy to perform. Replacing a hard drive can be exposed and strips of RAM.

Display, sound, webcam – Dell Precision M2800 review

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Laptop Dell Precision M2800 review display has a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a Full HD-resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The screen brightness cannot be considered high, it does not exceed 270 cd / m2, a small color gamut, and the transfer of the exact shades of color is not enough to compete with other laptops designed for professional use. But in terms of contrast, everything is fine, 900: 1 is enough. Incidentally wide opening angle of the screen up to 180 degrees allow you to work comfortably, not only at the table, but at checkout on any object. In general, for most workloads this display is optimal, with a clear picture and a matte finish that will not shine.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Stereo speaker’s laptop Dell Precision M2800 review occupies a place on the front end of the bevel. They are hidden by special grilles, and to output a loud sound is nothing to prevent them. Speaker output power is only 1 W, and the sound quality is not the best, for example, the maximum you can hear distortion. Of course, for a device of this form factor and special acoustics do not need enough that the headphones sound is pretty decent.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

The camera in the workstation has a resolution of 1 megapixel. This is very little for pictures, but for video calls is enough.

Keyboard and Touchpad – Dell Precision M2800 review

Keyboard unit Dell Precision M2800 review is not built on the principle island. A cursory examination of the impression that the buttons are quite close to each other. However, when you print it will not become a stumbling block, because in practice each key two-step, whereby the distance is more than it seems. Seem convenient buttons concave surface, the optimal size, and the average stroke with a clear impact. With regard to labeling, it is not only white, but also blue, last allocated exclusively functional buttons. Incidentally, apart from the main unit is present touchpad addition, there are three keys outside of the keyboard. All of them, in one way or another connected with sound: volume control or complete the shutdown. But the power button is located on the opposite side – right.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

In addition to the keyboard in Dell Precision M2800 review, there is still Track Stick and touchpad. Mini joystick located between the keys [G], [B], [H], and its black coloring is not immediately evident. Nevertheless, the work is very handy especially when touch typing since to control the cursor does not have to pass on the touchpad, and then hands the keys remain outside, which is very convenient. For more functionality, there are three buttons working with Track Stick.

As for the touch keypad, then it is no less comfortable. Of course, its size is not too large, but the matte surface does not allow the sticky fingers at the wrong time, as could be the gloss on. At the same time the command is not perfect, and sometimes has to be repeated twice. Incidentally, the manufacturers have made the classic touchpad, is under it are traditional physical buttons. They are slightly rubberized, feel quite pleasant.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partnerOn the site you can see fingerprint sensor. Workstation – is an essential “accessory”, because these professionals often have to keep important projects, documentation and other serious files.

Productivity – Dell Precision M2800 review

Dell Precision M2800 review runs on 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. In case there is a fourth generation powerful processor Intel Core i5-4200M processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz and a third level cache 3MB. The chip is built on 22-nm technology; the power consumption is up to 37 W, also supports Turbo Boost technology and Hyper-Threading. Thanks to the first frequency can be increased up to 3.1 GHz; the second can handle two processing cores, four streams of information simultaneously.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Although it is not the most powerful processor, however, it copes well with many problems, even with the professional. This helped him card. You can certainly use the built Intel HD Graphics 4600, but it is not necessary to place too much hope, if necessary to work in a serious program. Much more productive in this respect will is AMD FirePro W4170M – midrange graphics card with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory and its own support DirectX 11.2. She would do well with treatment schedules even in complex 3D-applications such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, and Dell Precision Performance Optimizer (DPPO) will help set apart to take supplements for optimum performance. Note that the Dell Precision M2800 review – is the first notebook in which this accelerator installed and will likely work FirePro W4170M you will be satisfied, and even in some games. For example, in World of Tanks v8, Diablo III or GRID 2 will be playing at medium settings.

The hard drive in this laptop Dell Precision M2800 review has a capacity of 500 GB and runs at 5400 rpm. To create the project documents and other files that will be enough. As for RAM, the 8 GB is more than enough for the tasks to be performed on the workstation Precision M2800.

Ports and Communications – Dell Precision M2800 review

On the right side of the device are located two ports USB 3.0, combo audio jack for headphones and microphone, as well as slot Express Card / 54, and a built-in optical drive DVD +/- RW. In addition, the switch to the right you can see the Wi-Fi, now such a decision can be considered a rarity.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

As for the left hand, then placed it on HDMI, port USB 3.0, Kensington lock slot and a slot for smart cards. Also there is a ventilation grille to bring warm air.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Do not think that the manufacturer has provided too few ports and abandoned gradually aging interface VGA. He is, but is behind. There’s also posted an RJ-45, one USB 2.0 and socket for recharging. Interestingly, this USB allows charging from laptop mobile devices.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

At the bottom Dell Precision M2800 review of the unit is a connector for a docking station. But on the front end, you can see the card reader, card reader SD.

Dell Precision M2800 review - a strategic partner

Communications in this traditional workstation, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Moreover, dual-band wireless module, and a number of typical standards a / b / g / n, there is also a new – ac. It should be noted that the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted perfectly. If you need a 3G-modem, then it has a slot in the housing mini-PCIe. By the way, he was not alone, there are half and full-size. Besides 3G in one of them you can put SSD-drive, because Connector compatible with mSATA.

Battery – Dell Precision M2800 review

The laptop Dell Precision M2800 review installed 6-cell lithium-ion battery capacity of 60 Wh. With the battery duration of the order of 6:00 to you is guaranteed, of course, if you do not get the maximum download Dell Precision M2800 review, and prefer to view web pages or videos. Thanks ExpressCharge, charging the battery runs faster.

Conclusion – Dell Precision M2800 review

What’s that, a laptop Dell Precision M2800 review, as described in the review, in whole deserves to take a place on your desktop. He is reliable, functional, and productive. At the same time you have to sacrifice mobility, because Dell Precision M2800 review, weighing 2.9 kg and a thickness of 33 mm, is very problematic often transported in a bag. Is it that you do not continue to denounce his own car and went to the office or to schedule a trip? The key is that demanding professional program will not be a barrier to the workstation, it successfully cope with them because of the graphics card AMD FirePro W4170M, 8 GB of RAM, and support for processor Intel Core i5-4200M. In the end, the price tag is unlikely Dell Precision M2800 review, which is in the range of $ 1400 will force you to give up on such a purchase.

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