Quince Show Johnny, what is the real design


With the release of iOS 7 each user on the Internet is literally becoming a professional designer. It’s about how much negativity and criticism was expressed about the appearance of the new operating system. Everyone hurried to express their expert opinion.

Until now it was only possible to speak of a new mobile Apple-OS. However, thanks to the efforts of the creators of the blog Usvsth3m now can also show itself should look like a real “Operating System” for smartphones. Developers have created a tool that allows real-time to change different parts of the iOS 7, such as icons, wallpapers, fonts, color schemes, shades, forms, angles, and eventually even identify all its own slogan.


Especially amusing slogan on the website: “Every goddamn designer in the world has already come up with their version of iOS. Try this one.”

As you know, iOS 7 is in beta testing and while strongly flawed. It is assumed that a public release in the autumn of this year, the OS will lead to the desired form, and in a year no one will remember a heated debate on the topic of the program cover the appearance of the iPhone and iPad.

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