Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

Smart watches – New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

A few months ago, the company released a Withings activity watch. These smart watches are a fairly successful hybrid of mechanical and electronic components, with the result that the market has a fitness tracker in the case of mechanical watches. However, the cost of this activity watch is not too low, so that the developers decided to release a more affordable model. This was done – now! Withings Activite Pop is already available at a much lower price. Let’s see what it represents this interesting activity watch.

Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop: Design

As mentioned above, the activity watch looks like a mechanical watch. The round case, silicone strap, the hands – this gadget looks indistinguishable from mechanics. There is three color version of the model – blue, black and white. All of them look attractive.

Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

The housing is made of steel, strong enough. Hour and minute hands are painted. By the way, what Withings Activite Pop combine mechanical and electronic components – a big plus. If sits battery (removable, it lasts for 8 months of the gadget), the Withings Activite Pop can be used as a normal watch.

There is a contrast to the mechanical of hours – for example, no factory, there is no possibility to set the time. It is set automatically when synchronizing with your phone. If you change the time zone and time will adjust automatically. If desired, the user can set a quiet alarm clock with vibration, but this must be done in the application.

Withings Activite Pop: fitness regime

If the activity watch is more or less clear, with a fitness function is still to understand. The tracker receives and transmits data over Bluetooth, and maintained like the iPhone, and smartphones on Android. Synchronization is not too fast, but not much of a problem it creates.

Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

Basically, synchronization takes place in the background. Rather, the tracker is synchronized with the application on the smartphone, the user opens the application. The software platform called the Health Mate. Now the data exchange process is faster, more developers have improved the efficiency of synchronization, released a firmware update. However, full synchronization takes place for 20 seconds.

Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

Memory tracker enough only for a half day of work, so if you do not synchronize data with a smartphone and a half days can be beauty (gap) in the data. If you are on vacation and do not use the smartphone, and data may be lost altogether. Most other trackers retain information for a week.

Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

With regard to the individual functions of the tracker, the pedometer works pretty well. The dial progress when you try to achieve this goal is indicated by arrows. At midnight, the arrow returned to the original position.

The application displays the steps, calories and breaks in training.

Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

Tracking of sleep is also in auto mode – Indicates that the tracker start bedtime is not required. Awakening tracker captures and securely. The process of sleep tracker divides into three modes: deep sleep, light phase, and awakening. In principle, it is one of the best trackers dreams, especially when you consider the cost of the device.

Health Mate software platform supports a proprietary wireless scales and gauges for the control of blood pressure. In addition, the platform supports and work with MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper.

Battery Activity Watch

Smart watches - New Activity Watch Withings Activite Pop

In standalone mode, the battery of the type CR2025 Withings Activite Pop works for about eight months. Replace the battery easily – no problem.

Conclusion Activity Watch

Withings Activite Pop can be seen as the future of conventional mechanical watches. This device is useful to those people who do not want to give up the mechanics, but would like to use and fitness tracker. Simplicity, rationality, functionality – that is, what constitutes Withings Activite Pop.

No, this activity watch is not ideal, but it does what it should be doing this kind of gadgets – just works.

Source: pocket-lintcnet

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