Qualcomm has named a 64-bit processor Apple A7 gimmicky


The new processor Apple A7, created on the basis of a 64-bit architecture used in the smartphone iPhone 5s, – this is more of a marketing statement by the manufacturer, not a real technological breakthrough, since no practical benefits or advantages to users of devices he carries. With a report from the senior vice president of Qualcomm Chandrasekera Anand, who is referred to Cybersecurity.

As stated by Qualcomm, around the A7 in the last couple of weeks, created a lot of noise, but it is – nothing more than a marketing ploy, while in reality, users will not receive any benefit from 64-bit chip. Vice-President added that the main advantage of 64-bit chips – is the ability to address more memory, but for the modern tablet or smartphone is irrelevant. 32-bit chips can address up to 4GB of RAM, while above this threshold is needed is a 64-bit chip.

IPhone 5S has 1 GB of RAM. In practice, 64-bit chips needed for enterprise applications that are either working with files over 4 GB, for example, the videos themselves or occupy more than 4 GB of RAM. None of that the iPhone is not – said in Qualcomm.

Chandrasekera said that Qualcomm was not engaged in testing the performance of A7, but the company has been testing a variety of other 32 – and 64-bit chips, and came to the conclusion that, all other things being equal, the gain in performance of 64-bit chips to 32-bit, no. In addition, the company states that previously heard some of the statements that the 64-bit chips because of the extended addressing system may be more energy efficient, but the practice tests and it is not yet confirmed.

Independent experts also inclined to believe that the initial benefits of a regular user iPhone and the iPad will be a little bit. This applies mainly to the performance of the operating system iOS 7 and the standard applications, but in the future 64-bit chip will help to bring the platform for Apple mobile devices to the level of your computer.

64-bit processor in the iPhone and can not carry out that instant revolution, which they say at Apple, but this fact alone suggests that this is a mature and forward-thinking company focused on the future and one step ahead of the competition – experts say PCMag.

Qualcomm is not the first time criticizes his rivals. In August, the company questioned the feasibility of using eight-core processors in smartphones. At the request of Qualcomm, the main thing in mobile chips are not the number of cores, and their quality. We claim that each new generation of Snapdragon processor cores being rebuilt to improve their efficiency, while competitors simply double the number of older kernels.

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