Squeeze out of your smartphone camera still

Squeeze out of your smartphone camera still

Squeeze out of your smartphone camera still

It does not matter how many megapixels of your smartphone camera. Not respecting the basic rules of the photos, you can ruin a shot even in the presence of the maximum available resolution, laser focus , and other useful features. The same applies to the completely opposite situation. Using the knowledge of some of the secrets you can create masterpieces even, for example, with a 4-megapixel HTC One M8. Detail, of course, is not the best, but to collect a few tens of like in social networks will be able to without difficulty. What are these secrets? Let’s find out.

Buy a tripod – smartphone camera

How often do you see the mobile lovers day pictures with tripod in hand? Of course not, because the need for the latter in the solar time of day is completely absent. They, like the vampires come out to hunt at night, when the slightest trembling hands can easily spoil the picture.

Squeeze out of your smartphone camera still

Purchase a replacement lamp – smartphone camera

Regardless of the time of year, geographic location and other aspects, the light will always play a primary role in the process of creating images. It was his presence or lack of impact on the final result of the photoshoot. So pay heed to the very choice of shooting conditions.

Find your own style – smartphone camera

In the world there are so many social networks for fans of photos that, in turn, is rife with built-in filters. With time and experience you should be able to allocate some of the most liked ones. Why not start using them solely for the sake of creating their own recognizable style?

Squeeze out of your smartphone camera still

Invest – smartphone camera

Do not hesitate to purchase and take advantage of third-party applications. With their help we would not deprive photos naturalness, as many opponents of post-processing, but only focuses on the most significant details. Or just trying to convey my feelings at the moment of pressing the shutter button.

With a list of the most popular applications, by the way, can be found here.

Click here for additional accessories

According to our colleagues from phonearena, take a photo of an unusual and attractive is possible by means not only filters, but also third-party accessories. Such as, for example, sets of interchangeable lenses or remote controls.

Squeeze out of your smartphone camera still

And what are the secrets of creating the photos you’re using? Tell us about it in the comments.

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