The problem with iMessage in iOS 7 and its solution

Service iMessage has long been irritating for users who are increasingly choosing to move to alternative messengers. However, if the previous owners of Apple devices faced with incorrect operation of the service only from time to time, after the release of iOS 7, the number of complaints has become a truly massive scale.

The first reports of problems with iMessage started appearing on the Apple support forum for 18 September, when the final version came out the seventh version of the firmware. However, when it became available update iOS 7.0.2 , users are increasingly began to complain of errors in the services. For example, some say that sometimes the messages are not sent, received or not sent as normal SMS. Other users have complained that the messages iMessage vice versa are not converted to SMS, which makes it impossible to send text messages at all.

While Apple has been silent, users are able to find a solution to this problem. If you are also having difficulty sending messages iMessage in iOS 7, you need to disable iMessage in customizing messages, and then go to the Settings application, under the Messages – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings, and then re-enable iMessage.

According to users, these actions are an effective solution to the problem. Other device owners also say that they helped off the machine for 3-5 minutes. Cause of the problem remains unknown, but it is possible that this is due to incorrect operation of servers Apple. Let’s hope that soon the problem persists, until all the disgruntled users have switched to Viber or WhatsApp.

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