price Moto 360

Became known the price Moto 360

price Moto 360

Motorola introduced its smart watches Moto 360, is not the first month of enjoying the attention the audience for the presentation of Chicago in September 2014. But, apparently, retailers Best Buy know about the new product is slightly larger than the others. On the products based on Android Wear at Best Buy, apparently by mistake clock display Moto 360, and the price – $ 249.99 USD.

Price Moto 360

It is this price is called the first time. In May, The Verge posted resource information that recommends selling Motorola Moto 360 for 249.99 dollars. And now the same site told its readers that became known the price of smart hours in Best Buy, posting a screenshot “suddenly manifested” page coming Smart hours. Interestingly, this same price recently called resource Droid Life. She became known thanks to an alleged “leak of information”. But we should not forget that all this information is classified as rumors and the reality may be quite different and completely unexpected.

price Moto 360

Price Moto 360 is slightly higher than the price of the first two hours on the basis of Android Wear: LG G Watch (229 dollars) and Samsung Gear Live (199,99 USD). New products will be more expensive, but it looks more attractive. Designers have tried – its round display more familiar to those who over the years has not parted with the wristwatch.

In addition to the price per page Best Buy appeared and preliminary specifications of the device. Its liquid crystal (LCD) display would be to have a resolution of 320 x 290 pixels and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Watches Waterproof and have optical heart rate monitor built into them as well as in the Gear Live. In addition, the device is integrated pedometer.

It is noteworthy that parted before the eyes of the public page does not contain any information about the release date. The fact that these watches hit the market resembles only a vague inscription: “soon to be» («coming soon»). Previously, Google reported that the Moto 360 will be launched this summer. But summer will soon give way to autumn.

In fact, on this page should not have high expectations. Motorola may change the price of its wearable device, even at the last minute. Most likely, more information about the long-awaited smart-hour Moto 360 appears only in September 2014.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the announcement devaysa moved in the fall, no. Starting this time of year is always crop yields in terms of the emergence of new and exciting technology products. Usually it is the fall acquainted with the public the most attractive smartphones. It would be strange if it became popular even before the announcement of smart watches would not follow this “rule”.

Do you think that the price of Moto 360 is too high? Or believe that the device will be many buyers? This device will change the attitude towards smart hours among consumers, or become just another “toy” in a long line of his predecessors stealth, to which most of the users electronics show only theoretical interest … soon forget?

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