Petra - new smart watches from HTC

Petra – new smart watches from HTC

Petra - new smart watches from HTC

Great news for fans of gadgets from HTC. If you believe the rumors, the company from Taiwan bring on the MWC not only smartphone One M9.

Besides the mentioned flagship public in March show smart watches. The device is called the unusual and beautiful – Petra.

Device information procured and publishedupleaks (insider whose “leaks” a high degree of confidence).

That offer users engineers HTC? 1.8-inch display with a resolution of type PMOLED 32 to 160 points. The latter figure – a hint that the invention has the shape of a bracelet (or a typo in the original data).

The unit weighs 23 grams. Surprisingly, in such a compact body built many components. Protection against water and dust (standard IP57), the module GPS, adapter Bluetooth, USB port and the battery for 3 days without recharging.

In the role of the operating system uses a proprietary RTOS. It provides the key functionality and can be synchronized with other mobile platforms: from iOS 7.0 to Android 4.4.

Petra - new smart watches from HTC

That the watch can do? The possibilities are pretty standard: timer, remote control of the camera and the player receive notifications from your phone, the analysis of the quality of sleep and other “talents” fitness tracker.

Petra full announcement is expected next month – in the framework of the above activities.

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