PenUltimate: new "Swiss army knife" for the business person

PenUltimate: new “Swiss army knife” for the business person

PenUltimate: new "Swiss army knife" for the business person

During the day, a person has a need to solve the most unexpected problems. For example, unscrew the screw with a custom hat. And to solve this problem is possible only with the appropriate tool. A few days ago, the network has information about the validity of a universal gadget is able to replace them and handle and meter, and even a stylus.

This unique pen called PenUltimate. Developers have brought together 7 different instruments and combine them into a single package. Inside PenUltimate – two different types of screwdriver, ballpoint pen, stylus for smartphones and tablets, building level, metric and inch ruler and clamp.

Body “handle” – aluminum, so that the device is strong enough. Ampoule ink – standard, so that problems with the replacement should not arise. The price is only 24.99 gadgets – it’s not so much when you consider how much is collected in the housing PenUltimate.

Source: Vat19

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