From a payphone calls can be made via SKYPE

From a payphone calls can be made via SKYPE

From a payphone calls can be made via SKYPE

In the near future, network operators will be able to equip the Moscow street payphones additional features, so anyone can go on the Internet to use the portal of public services, recharge mobile phone, or even to call via Skype. Improved phone “booth” has already demonstrated the authorities MGTS. This is “News” told in the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of Moscow.

Elena Novikova, a representative of the CIO, said: “Now the problem comes from payphones means of communication have become media outdoor advertising, from which the city receives no revenue. There is a desire to reduce the number of payphones and move them in sleeping areas. Where they are used. “

Now in Moscow 3017 payphones. This number will decrease by about a third, and they can call only in social or technical services, as well as take advantage of other features that add operator in its sole discretion.

“Payphones should be transformed into another service. Previously, it was only fixed telephony. Now this may be an information kiosk, which provides a wide range of possibilities “, – said Andrei Ershov, CEO of MGTS.

Submitted to the authorities prototypes have a touch screen, with which you can select the desired services. If the cost of services will be acceptable, and the service is easy to use, the payphones can regain his popularity.

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