Review reader PocketBook Basic 2 (614)

The product line of the company PocketBook very easy to understand the potential buyer. The prefix indicates Lux illumination, Touch says sensory capabilities, well, Basic, and he in Basic – simple budget model with basic features. Considered in this review PocketBook Basic 2 (614) is equipped with a 6-inch E Ink Pearl with a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels, upgraded compared to its predecessor, the hardware platform and boasts a competitive cost.

Options PocketBook Basic 2

Reader PocketBook Basic 2 comes in a thin laminated cardboard box, inside which you will find only the device cable USB / micro-USB and the accompanying documentation. Charger and carrying case are not supplied, if necessary, they must be purchased separately. Note that the overall dimensions of representatives of relevant line 6-inch reader PocketBook identical, so that the Basic 2 is compatible with covers from Basis Touch and Touch Lux 2.

Design PocketBook Basic 2

PocketBook Basic Model 2 (614) is available in two design options: white and gray. Basically made color front panel and sides body, but in both cases the back is black.

Light version looks very interesting, but against a white border e-ink screen seems more gray than it actually is. If such a contrast you are not satisfied, then the initially necessary to prefer a darker version of the reader.

The front panel is made of smooth plastic with a slight pearlescent. The upper border part of a logo, the side fringing field is completely free, and at the widest portion is situated lower control unit.

Three of the four sidewalls of the housing PocketBook Basic 2 free, all “functionality” put to the lower bound. Here you will find the connector micro-USB, a slot for MicroSD memory cards and power button.

The rear panel of black plastic characteristic differs in the bottom of the recess which serves as stop for holding with one hand. It is interesting that for some reason, the developers decided to use a dull smooth surface and not well proven softtach. Weight 6-inch reader does not exceed 200 grams.

Ergonomics PocketBook Basic 2

The control unit is built on the familiar non-touch models PocketBook scheme – four-way navigation key ring inscribed with the confirmation button plus two separate buttons for page turning. Exactly the same controller used in the model PocketBook Mini, but in contrast to a single black-and-green version of the hero of our review of the younger reader there is an additional five-inch black-and-orange variation.

Unlike previous “basic” model with classic hardware buttons of the novelty PocketBook Basic 2 (614), both side keys are made in the form of original membranes. Pressing need to apply sufficient force to bend the plastic is thick enough. Place the force application noted not too noticeable relief triangles.

Functionality PocketBook Basic 2

Just like the rest of actual models PocketBook Basic 2 new hardware platform was updated with a gigahertz processor and 256 MB RAM. For storing books available about 3 GB of built-in 4GB storage, and up to 32 GB memory cards MicroSD. Built-in battery capacity is 1300 mAh, which is a third more than its predecessor. According to the manufacturer of the battery is fully charged reader can work for about a month.

Wi-Fi module in this model is not, in the company felt that the more affordable model, he simply useless. At the same time on the screen decided not to save, PocketBook Basic 2 boasts optimal for inexpensive models 6-inch E Ink Pearl matrix with a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels (of course, without backlight and touch capabilities).

Interface PocketBook Basic 2

Readers PocketBook unified interface, is no exception and Basic 2. In the absence of sensory capabilities navigate through the menu by using the navigation ring. The lion’s share of the main window is occupied by the list of recent events, which includes the recently opened and downloaded books. Occupy the lower part of the section of the library, notes, applications, and settings, the third paragraph includes applications calculator, dictionary, pictures, and watch the game Snake, Solitaire, Sudoku, Chess.

While reading the user PocketBook Basic 2 (614) constantly monitors service line with the date, the progress of reading, as well as the clock and the current battery charge. You can turn the pages and use the relief triangles, and with a green ring navigation. Full update the default page flipping is done every fifth, but if you want you can do it every first, third or tenth page. In the settings, you can save the battery charge current to estimate battery disconnect pomigivanie green LED using the keys and set the length of the lock (off, 5, 10 minutes) and / or cutoff reader (Off, 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes).

The settings menu is invoked by pressing the “OK” Here are all the typical items, including the search words in Russian and English, bookmarks, go to the desired page, contents, changing screen orientation (four options), notes, display settings and dictionaries. Detailed configuration allows you to choose not only the font and font size, and line spacing and margins. Well, dictionaries will help to read the works in the original language, occasionally peeping meaning of half-forgotten words.

Operation PocketBook Basic 2

Thin and light package PocketBook Basic 2 (614) fits the hand, it supports all popular formats of books, capacious battery promises longer battery life. Hard “membrane” key turning frankly uncomfortable, so it would be logical to use the navigation ring relief. Lack of Wi-Fi is not a particular problem, since not every owner of a reader with a wireless module regularly uses its capabilities.

Not too liked the smooth plastic back panel – it is smudge-resistant and relatively slippery and, judging by the state of which we received for the test instance, fairly easy to scratch. In the same test sample noticeably “rumbles” Loose filling (battery or the entire board), while not entirely clear, this structural problem or the result of a fall.

Results PocketBook Basic 2

As a result, PocketBook Basic 2 (614) – an inexpensive 6-inch e-ink reader entry level, which boasts typical for this kind of multi-format manufacturers features, user-friendly interface, a solid number of fine tuning and memory card support. It is these items can become the last straw that made you choose this model popular Amazon Kindle 5.

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