Handheld devices have been living in the minds of Apple employees


What do you associate in 2007? My association is depicted above – is the first model of iPhone , smartphone, which made ​​a revolution in the market. He just came in 2007. After it came out no less amazing products such as App Store and the iPad, but it should be understood that they were conceived much earlier, even before the revolutionary iPhone. In 2014, we were promised a long-awaited new category of device, and we decided that it would be worn iWatch. If so, how long Apple in nurturing the idea?

Smart market hours and health bracelets (not zirconium, and those that are able to keep track of your activity) began to fill offers only last year. Then fell down rumors that Apple is doing in this direction. Can recall a considerable number of workers hired Medicine published patents Cardiosensor, application Healthbook and rumors about orders for compact curved displays.

All this came up recently, and how long these ideas originated in the laboratories of Apple in Cupertino? I remember in 2007 by chance. There is an opinion that it is in Year iPhone the company has already started to think about our health. This is the conclusion employees Business Insider, disassembled recently surfaced patent for a system for monitoring activity, located in the headphones.

The application for this technology was filed in 2008, but it was not the first. For the first time Apple tried to patent wearable sensors in October 2007. If even then the company was thinking about accessories that will help us in the sport and tracking their own health, it deserves the title of the most far-sighted.

It is obvious that Apple likes to play many games, letting the market existing devices, one that is better than others. Better just because it worked on not one or two years, and if so, we are waiting for something no less perfect than the iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

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