Most dangerous viruses on Android and how to avoid them?

Notification about viruses on Android and how to avoid them?

Many Android users worldwide are frightened by the somewhat dubious messages about viruses. Notifications appear in the form of MP3 download updates or Google Play. This article will inform you about the most common viruses on Android and how to avoid them.

Notification of virus usually is followed by a warning that you have to pay a certain amount of money or download an antivirus application, usually with many grammatical errors. Some apps seem legitimate, indicating the model and Android version of your smartphone, with logos and URLs that seem true.

Of course, these reports are false and completely harmless. Thanks to JavaScript, your browser is able to send important data from your smartphone to all sites.

Example message about viruses on Android

Example message about viruses on Android

What should you do if you have notification about viruses?

What should you do when you have such kind notification? Never press the button to accept any link or ad, because that way you give the permission to run a script on your device.

Depending on the version of Android, the browser and version of your device, this script can exploit a vulnerability and manipulate your browser. Instead, I’ll tell you one little secret: click the back button or restart the device. It’s very simple, is not it?

If you have clicked on the button, then you need quickly clear memory of your smartphone. You can go to Settings> Applications> find the app or browser> Clear data.

Example notification about vises on Android

Example notification about vises on Android

Sometimes these attacks do not come from a website, but an application. These apps have advertising banners with viruses. Therefore, you also need to be careful and do not to click on suspicious advertisements.

If these steps do not solve your problem, then you need to do a hard reset and return your smartphone to factory settings. We have written many articles about hard reset, and you should be aware that this method erases all your data, pictures, videos, contacts, etc.

Have you ever received such messages on your smartphone? How do you remove viruses from your smartphone?

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