Smartstones Touch allows you to communicate without words

Smartstones Touch allows you to communicate without words

Smartstones Touch allows you to communicate without words

Regardless of the language in which we talk to each other, most of us communicate by voice, but what happens when the voice ceases to be the best option? Smartstones Touch is designed just to give people the opportunity to communicate through non-verbal methods. Smartstones Touch – a device the size of a palm, like cobblestones, which uses a series of touch, gestures, light, vibration and sound to send short messages to a connected smartphone.

For example, the device can be used by a child when they return home. Simply touch a certain way Smartstones Touch, to warn the mother of his return. Or need to notify the colleague that you are late for a meeting. The device will be very useful for people with autism or pensioners who can not speak because of illness.

With Touch, you can create your own version of the messages. You can also send a message to a connected smartphone, allowing the user to communicate with someone remotely. Another person can then send a reply via Smartphone Touch-user. For example, a special notice may be recalled her grandmother that she needed to take a pill. In Smartstones Touch, you can configure unique gestures and messages that are relevant to a particular situation.

The number of variants of messages that can be sent, depending on how much you can remember gestures. The upper surface device uses capacitive touch screen technology similar to the technology of smartphones. Smartstones Touch is equipped with a six-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope to detect movement. Smartstones going to create a whole library of gestures that can detect movements and gestures. For the convenience of wearing the device created leather collar and pendant.

Smartstones Touch allows you to communicate without words

Just like any other low-budget project, Smartstones Touch seeking support on the platform Indiegogo. The first buyers device can purchase it for $ 80 and get the end of this year.

Source: DigitalTrends

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