Nokia is still working on Android-smartphone

It has already been implied that the Nokia are working on Android-based smartphone . A kind of “Plan B», if it does not work with Windows Phone. Now the company is bought by Microsoft and it would seem, to such plans can put a cross, but it is not.

It should be noted that recently about the preparation of this smartphone in Nokia also reported New York Times and The Verge . Turns out, the establishment of such a device the Finnish manufacturer has not turned up yet. At least, so says an anonymous source Unwiredview .

It is known that the Android-smartphone Nokia, codenamed Mountain View is based on the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q and is already in the stage of completion of the prototype. Moreover, Foxconn has produced more than 10 million of these devices for their own use of the company, within which is still being actively working on the gadget.

According to the source, works on Android-smartphone Nokia will not stop until the company has completed a deal with Microsoft, and it will not happen until November.

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