New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

RP8 – the most daring at the Rega new turntable of those that we have ever seen. From a distance it can be confused with the more modest fellow, but it’s worth a closer look – and it becomes clear that all is not so simple. And we’re not talking about a glossy finish. The new turntable Rega has always sought to make caps as easy and hard. Less dense material is not able long to keep the energy of unwanted vibration – which is not so bad, when it comes to sound quality of the player.

Years Rega models used in their sockets from MDF or plywood coated with a phenolic resin, which combined low weight and stiffness. When creating RP8 company went much further.

Feature of new turntable Rega RP8

The central layer of the cap is made of a fine-mesh RP8 polyolefin foam. It took three years to become the material meet the requirements of Rega. As in the earlier models, the top and bottom of the applied coating of phenolic resin to further enhance the stiffness and damping. As a result, the weight of the glossy black cap – seven times less than the model Planer 3.

In addition, the company added in the construction of a pair of struts is in place that require increased rigidity – between the base and the bearing arm. Spacers are made of two materials: the top layer is made of magnesium, the bottom – of the phenolic resin. Each material suppresses resonances another, thereby providing an incredibly light, stiff and compliant structure.

But it’s not just materials. The skeletal structure of the cap should be extremely compact: the smaller it is, the easier it will be tough and – you know, what we’re getting at?

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

New turntable RP8 of skeletal defects caused by, associated with the basic material of construction. The contours of the foam parts are smooth enough, so that kind of trim from the not too neat. But these are the characteristics of the material, and new turntable Rega definitely believes that the gain in sound quality outweighs the aesthetic flaws.

Do players skeletal structure has another problem: how to attach the dust cover. Purists consider this issue unimportant, but for most people it does matter. The new turntable Rega chose coated skeletal structure, so it looks like a simple rectangular base to which you can attach a conventional cover; we like this original decision.

If you look closely, you’ll see an even gap between the base and its surroundings; in fact they are only connected by thin rubber strips to each of the three legs of the player. Tapes provide a uniform distance between the components.

The metal substrate bearing supported by two Belts

It’s a simple, but very rational design. The lack of a rigid connection of the base and its surroundings means that any vibrations arising in the cover (a serious problem that can degrade the sound due to the transfer of mechanical energy on the design of the player), reduced to a minimum, if not extinguished.

The only place where new turntable Rega prefers to increase rather than decrease in weight – is the rim of the support disk. The weight at this point helps to maintain the stability of the angular speed and aligns its small fluctuations – but if you overdo it, it will lead to problems with the bearing. As always in the world of Hi-Fi, it is important to find the best compromise.

Heavy platter new turntable RP8 up three levels of laminated glass. On top put vinyl record; the other two floors are rings in which the weight is concentrated on the outer rim. The challenge is to maintain the flywheel effect of a small weight in the middle of the structure.

Glass support disc laid on the aluminum substrate and not to plastic is less expensive models. We tried hard to notice the uneven movement of the bearing, but have not been able: he is perfectly polished. The AC motor to rotate the substrate 24 by means of two rubber belt.

The counterweight and spring control down force control the course of the cartridge

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

External power Rega TT-PSU provides clean, high-quality electricity. The power supply is adjusted for each motor.

Speed controller TT-PSU allows you to switch from the albums on singles by pressing (33 1/3 to 45 rev / min, and vice versa) – you do not have to remove the platter and manually rearrange the Belts, as some competitors.

Compared with the cap, the remaining components of the new turntable Rega look more familiar – but they are also very interesting. RB808 tonearm is handcrafted, special attention was paid to the accuracy of bearing mounting and stroke. Each one is individually matched to the respective spindle. Himself bearing the same brand new, the basic requirements of the development were, as you might have guessed, low weight and high rigidity.

Even the arm tube is different from those that apply to more modest models new turntable Rega. It is able to redistribute weight and resonance suppression; rigidity has also become higher. Finally, RB808 used in high-quality cables with a smaller number of connections and improved connectors.

Completes the set MM-head Apheta (cm. Box) for $ 1680. This is the only cartridge of this type in the company’s portfolio; it is ideal for RP8. Do not be tempted to save money, find something simpler; it is excellent in character and the player’s price.


Apheta – first MM-cartridge Rega. The company studied the conventional methods of creating such heads and felt that the work can be simplified by using modern materials and technologies.

The result is a fast, agile and extremely detailed sound, but a little brighter and more frugal than I would like. A careful selection of the system is able to soften tonal character of the cartridge. Each instance has its own clamping force and is not the same at all as most manufacturers.

As with all turntables, new turntable RP8 requires attention during installation. Charms has almost no so much that the sound quality will deteriorate if the model will be standing near the speaker or vysokorezonansnoy rack. Pay attention to it, and will reward you handsomely Rega.

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

The sound from the new turntable RP8 very detailed; We’ve heard a lot of players at this level, but none of them managed to extract as much information from the disk.

“Mars” from “The Planets” Holst sounds great; enviable power combined with the large-scale dynamics and a clear study lots of separate tools. The powerful crescendo not lost any element of the composition.

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

Key can not be called entirely neutral; sound can be accused of brightness and poverty. The elastic and melodic bass are not very significant. However, this disadvantage is not too pronounced, just avoid the components with a sharp and aggressive approach.

But a similar tonal balance provides high speed. Rega RP8 new turntable have to be extremely lively and energetic sound, an incredibly responsive. For those who dream about the possibility to immerse themselves in a rich and spectacular performance of music, not find anything better. Sound Stage – a stable, focused and multi-layered.

Three rubber feet raise the insulation; new turntable RP8 provide robust mounting surface

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

Track Michael Jackson Billie Jean Rega fits perfectly. It perfectly captures the contagious rhythm and famous skillfully taps pulsing bass line. Jackson served recognizable voice is pure and passionate, he is not lost in the dense instrumental accompaniment.

We fetched from the shelves a variety of vinyl records – from Automatic For The People by REM to Kind Of Blue Miles Davis and Bob Marley’s Exodus – and the player Rega always admired the incredible combination of attack and refinement of sound.

New turntable: Rega RP8/Apheta review

RP8 manages to extract out of the groove disc unimaginable amount of information and organize it amazing music. You can easily find that sat after midnight, though just going to evaluate the first minutes of the next album.

Company new turntable Rega is renowned for the quality of its players more accessible. Models like the RP3, became the undisputed leaders in their segments and Award received countless number of times. But when the company aims at not getting into the price category and the best possible result, it is simply stunning. If you can afford to set new turntable RP8 / Apheta – did not even hesitate.

Make up your mind, if you are looking for a player with a legible and incredibly detailed sound

Special features: the detail – the highest meticulousness, what we have just heard

Price: $ 4300

Rating: 5

PROS: Extremely detailed sound; outstanding mobility; dynamics and precision; structure

Cons: Requires consideration in the selection and installation of the system

VERDICT: new turntable RP8 / Apheta sharply raises the standards of its price class

Source: Rega

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